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Capitalism is burning the planet!

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The responsibility for increasing heatwaves and wildfires, and the phenomenon of global warming that lies behind them, lies with the mode of production that rules the planet.


After Boris Johnson, the ravages of populism remain

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No one will have been surprised that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally announced his resignation. But the essential problem for the British bourgeoisie is not Johnson, but the fact that the Conservative Party has been increasingly eaten away by populism

A barbaric war intensifies

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Maternity and children's hospital in Mariopol, Ukraine. While the horrors inflicted by Russian imperialism are difficult to hide, the USA and Ukraine have played an active role in unleashing and perpetuating the massacre

An update of our analysis of the “progress” of the war in Ukraine towards further barbarism and destruction 

A giant step into barbarism

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It is clear that this war represents a remarkable worsening of the global chaos that directly involves and affects all the major imperialist powers.

The struggle of the workers’ movement in the USA against slavery and racism, part 5: The urban riots of the 1960s

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“The riots forced the bourgeois state to openly show its oppressive face”

This article intends to take a closer look at the positions of the News and Letters group in the USA on the violent riots in the second half of the 1960s and to respond to the view, put forward by the International Communist Party (Communist Programme) and Bordiga himself, that “this sudden tearing away of the veil of legal fictions and democratic hypocrisy [is] a harbinger of victory.”

NATO summit in Madrid: a summit for imperialist war

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NATO’s Madrid Summit has been a clear warmongering exercise. And words are matched by decisions. They talk of spending 200 billion euros on armaments, of deploying up to 300,000 troops in Eastern European countries in the arc from the Baltic to the Black Sea. They threaten China. They defy Putin. It is a summit for imperialist war.

Part 15: Proletarian opposition to the First World War

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The previous, penultimate part of this series (WR 236) began an examination of the response of the workers’ movement in Britain to the First World War with an account of the betrayal of the working class by the Labour Party and the unions. These organisations, in calling on workers to die for capitalism, crossed the class line into the camp of the bourgeoisie and became the enemies of the working class.

Part 14: Labour and the unions mobilise the workers for war

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The outbreak of the First World War in August 1914 was a decisive moment in history. Not only did it mark the entry of capitalism into its period of decadence but it was also the point at which large parts of the workers’ movement betrayed the working class and went over to the camp of the bourgeoisie. In country after country the social democratic parties and the trade unions, built up with so much struggle and sacrifice over the preceding decades, rallied to the national flag and called on the proletariat to sacrifice itself on the altar of capitalism.

Part 13: Socialist organisations and the ‘industrial’ struggles of 1908-14

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In the previous part of this series, in WR 232, we began our examination of the impact of the wave of industrial unrest that swept across Britain in the years before the First World War by analysing the development of syndicalism and industrial unionism, showing how its militancy challenged the dominant reformism of the workers’ movement in Britain. In this part we continue this work by looking at the response of the main political organisations of the working class.


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